[openbeosnetteam] Re: Some admin stuff

  • From: Erik Reid <reide@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: openbeosnetteam@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2001 23:50:33 -0700

Quoth "Jean Schwerer":
>We haven't gotten to "milestone" a list of events and give our milestones 
>timestamps ye
>t. So it 
>should be a good time to start doing so :o)
>Milestone # - Priority (1-5, 1 = highest) - Ending Date - Description - Person 
>in charg
>e - Difficulty
>1 - 1 - ASAP - Turning B header files into a dummy C program with empty 
>pluggin functio
>ns (aka 
>building empty cpp files :P) - Zenja - ?
>2 - 2 - ASAP - Testing a lib build *and loading* based on the previous "dummy 
>C program
>" - 
>Zenja? - ?
>3 - 1 - ASAP, needed for next monthly source control update - Reimplementing 
>the Be Net
>API (sourcewise) based on sockets - Jean (aka myself) - Easy :oP (I guess and 
>hope so..
>4 - 2 - End of november - Comparing the layout (http://www.profuzion.org/en/
>openbeos_net_team/netlayer_layout.html) Dmitri drawed based on bone.txt (I 
>know where y
>get your inspiration from :P)  against the R5 NON BONE net_server libs model. 
>- ??? (an
>taker?)??? - Medium difficulty ?
>5 - 1 - Test driver interfacing: build a sample program that sends dummy data 
>to the ne
>card and stupidly prints to stdout incoming network traffic received by the 
>card. To be
> tested 
>using another machine running some sniffing program - ??? (any taker?)??? - ???

Haven't seen much action on the list lately, just wondering where we're at?

Do we have a base structure to use?  Do we have some alternate cvs(or other) 
for us to use until the build meister gets everything organized? (Anybody know 
the build meister is at with regards to people being able to commit stuff?)

>Last but not least, the "old guys" on this list have to welcome a couple of 
>- Erik Reid, from...?, well I don't know where from ^_^

Calgary, Alberta, Canada. :)

(sourceforge id is freyr, I think)

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