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> Haven't seen much action on the list lately, just wondering where we're

Ok, for my part I have time concerns for the moment but I was (and still am)
in the process to study how to interface network drivers.
Based on a old sample code from Be I was trying to directly interface a
driver to send and receive frames.
Next step should be to try to design and implement a basic TCP/IP stack
In parralel with that another research group could try to understand how the
network preference pannel is working and how does it interract with network
stuff (objective: build our own replacement pref pannel)
Another thing I'd like to understand is how does the DHCPclient interface
with the network system... If anybody can help with that, I'd be glad.

Anyway has I told before, I have problems to get enough free time for
OpenBeOS to be as effective as I'd like to be...
But I can help and give all the source code and information I collected in
the area of this project :-)

> Do we have a base structure to use?  Do we have some alternate cvs(or
other) playground
> for us to use until the build meister gets everything organized? (Anybody
know where
> the build meister is at with regards to people being able to commit

As far as I'm concerned I don't have any workable network code yet and I'm
not aware of any cvs repository for network code other than the main project
What about others ? I don't know...
Please, everybody on the list, could you give us a feedback / status ?

   Best regards,


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