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Lt.JG Dellan Kye - JAG Officer
USS Vanguard
During Andy's post

Dellan awoke and yawned. "What an odd dream..." He said sleepily, as he rose 
and walked over to his mirror. He looked at himself and sighed. Suddenly, he 
noticed something on his right cheek. Turning his head, he ran his finger 
down the length of what SEEMED to be a scar.

Cocking his head, he looked at it again. "I don't remember having a scar 
there before...." He said, confused. He walked over to his closet and pulled 
out a uniform. While he dressed, he pulled up his days case file. There 
wasn't much on it. Just some review for some other case's he had going on.

He smiled and nodded. "Well, this will give me the perfect opportunity to 
swing by sickbay and get this scar checked out!" He said, heading for the 
door. Grinning, he added "And I'll be able to see Xristha..." He said.


Heading down the corridor, he rounded a corner and entered the turbo. 
"Sickbay" He ordered and the computer complied. He began to think of some 
things to talk with Xristha about when he felt a strange presence near the 
ship. He couldn't tell what it was, but it was strong. He had only felt this 
once before.....it was when he had met Guinan, the barkeep on the old 
Enterprise-D. He shook his head, trying to block out the presence. Whatever 
it was, he could feel it reaching out to him and the recoiling back.

The turbo opened and he stepped out, blinking a few times. He walked around 
the corner and into sickbay. Looking around, he called out "Xristha! Are you 
here? It's Dellan!" He said. He heard her walk down the hallway from her 
office. "What's up Dellan?" She asked. "I wanted you to check something out 
for me...." He said, siting up onto a bio bed.


Lt.JG Aerissa Gainsly - Assistant JAG Officer
USS Vanguard
During Andy's post

Aerissa woke with a start. She blinked a couple of times and looked around. 
"Where...where....am....I?"She asked, breathing deeply. She looked around 
and found it was her room.....on the ship...where she had always 
been.....hadn't she?"

She got out of bed and walked over to her mirror, turning it on. She hadn't 
changed from the night before.....same clothes, same 

She splashed some water on her face, hoping it would wake her up some. 
"Honestly....I must be losing it! That was the most vivid dream I've ever 
had....I'll have to tell the others about it later.." She said.

Walking back over to her bead, she pulled back the covers and saw something 
laying next to where she had been. She reached down and pulled out a very 
elegant looking crystal goblet. Blinking slightly, she stared at it. "What 
in the world???" She asked.

She set the goblet down on her dresser and turned to her closet. "I AM 
losing it!" She said..."I'll have to remember to set up an appointment with 
Jaav....this job must be getting to me..." She said, laughing to herself.

She pulled out a simple dress and put it on. She had cleared it with 
Starfleet Command and the JAG Office that since she was Dellan's assistant, 
she could get away with wearing nice outfits on her duty shifts. She checked 
herself in the mirror after she fixed her hair and make-up and nodded.

Stepping out of her quarters, she stopped with a start. A presence stronger 
than even Dellan slammed into her, causing her to slightly stumble. She 
recovered quickly and shook her head. "What was that?" She asked herself. 
Tapping her commbadge, she called the bridge. "Gainsly to bridge." =/\= 
Bridge here.=/\= "Did we just encounter something?" She asked. =/\= Ms. 
Gainsly, this is Santos. Why do you ask?=/\=

Aerissa headed for a turbo. "Well, I just felt a very strong presence come 
near us and I was wondering if you knew what it was....I'm so new at all of 
this, I can't tell for sure..." She said. =/\= Well, we did just encounter a 
strange cylinder....but we aren't sure what's in it......=/\= She stepped 
into the turbo. "Bridge." She said, before turning back to the conversation. 
"Well, I'll be arriving shortly. I'm not sure if whatever is out there is 
hostile.....but we might want to take precautions. Anything THAT strong 
could be dangerous..." She said, as she smoothed out her dress. =/\= 
Alright, Ms. Gainsly. Bridge out.=/\= Aerissa tapped her badge and moments 
later stepped out onto the bridge.

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