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Lt.JG Dellan Kye-JAG Officer
Sick Bay - USS Vanguard
After Andy's post

Dellan stood in sickbay as Xristha checked over Aerissa. He had
brought her here from the bridge due to the fact she had
seriously over-exurted her new powers.

"Well, how is she Xristha?" He asked, looking over her. Xristha
took a few more scans and nodded. "Well, physically, she's
exhausted. But I can't tell how her new powers work....or where
there are located in her mind, for that matter." She replied,
slightly confused.

Aerissa sat up. "Is that bad?" She asked. "I'm new to all the
psychic thing, so I'm a bit lost." Dellan looked to xristha, who
nodded. "Well, normally, in races such as Betazoids and Vulcans,
we can tell where their mental abilities originate from in the
brain. But yours looks no different from a normal human." She
said, pointing to a screen with Aerissa's brain on it.

"Anyway," She continued, "I can't locate where they come from,
how strong they are or anything...And as far as that whole thing
with you being in a...'Lifestream' or whatever and speaking with
a race of...Ancients...I'm not sure what to tell you...." She
said, shaking her head. She turned to Dellan and shrugged. "I'm
just as confused as you are. Until find out what exactly she is
beside's human....I'm not sure I can measure her powers...." She
said, setting down her tricorder and walking into her office.

Dellan sat down by Aerissa and sighed. "It seems we are
both....different now..." He said, somewhat glum. Aerissa cocked
her head. "What do you mean?" Dellan sighed. "Well, my tumor
gives me a great advantage over all other telepaths and you are
some race we don't know about..." He said, laughing. She laughed
to and then layed back down. "I'm going to rest for a minute..."
She said, her eyes barly staying open.

Dellan stood and nodded. "I'll come check on you in a little
while." She didn't respond, having drifted off to sleep. Dellan
turned and walked after Xristha. 

He found her in her office, studying Aerissa's scans. She began
talking without even looking up. "I jsut don't get it Del....I
have not record in any database about this other race she is...I
mean, it's very obvious when you do a DNA scan she's only half
human....but any other scan doesn't revela it..." dellan smiled
and she looked up, being able to sense his mood change. "What is
it?" She asked, cocking her eyebrows.

"Nothing." He said. "It's just that you called me Del..." She
smiled. "Something wrong with that?" She said, turning back to
her scans. He shook his head. "Nope. Nothing at all."

He walked over and sat across from her. "So, what did you see in
the Nexus?" He asked, knowing whatever it was would reveal
something about her.

She stopped, set down her PADD and began to think. They sat
there for a moment, both silent. Then Dellan broke it. "You
don't have to tell me if you don't want to...I just wanted to
know...." He said, looking down.



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