[USS Vanguard] Droin's on the prowl

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<<Caution - flirtatious post...not rated R that is for sure>>

>The turbo opened and he stepped out, blinking a few times. He walked around 
>the corner and into sickbay. Looking around, he called out "Xristha! Are 
>you here? It's Dellan!" He said. He heard her walk down the hallway from 
>her office. "What's up Dellan?" She asked. "I wanted you to check something 
>out for me...." He said, siting up onto a bio bed.
[end snip]

Xristha smiled and grabbed a tricorder and moved closer to him, positioning 
herself between his legs, "And what should I be looking for?"

Dellan turned his cheek, "An explanation as to how I got this." He ran his 
finger down a scar.

She opened the triocorder and looked at the partially healed wound 
curiously. After determining its sterility she ran her finger along it, 
tracing his cheek and chin.

"I don't have an explanation for your scar, but I think I can fix you." She 
walked over to a dermal regenerator.

He smiled, "I was thinking of leaving it. I think it makes me look rough."

Xristha spun back around, hitting him the middle of the chest, knocking his 
wind from his lungs. He looked surprised, "Nah, your not rough."

As his breath returned the Bandi doctor gingerly ran the instrument across 
his marked face. She leaned closer to him, her breath [yes, that is breath 
not breast...get your mind out of the gutter!] was felt against his skin. 
With the other hand she gently held his cheek at a tilt. As the bashful hum 
of the tool ceased, Xristha let go of his cheek. "All better."

Dellan slowly smiled, "Thanks."

She turned back to set the regenerator on a cart, "Who is Guinan?"

He closed his mind from her probing, "An old friend."

"Is she coming to visit here?" Xristha probed further.

He shook his head.

She noticed his discomfort and changed the subject, "Dinner?"

He grabbed his chiseled stomach, "I have to watch my weight." He smiled 

Xristha turned back to her office, "I think we can work it off after." She 
left him speechless.

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Lt Xristha Droin

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