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Lt.JG Dellan Kye - JAG Officer
USS Vanguard
After Alexa's post and before Jayne's


She noticed his discomfort and changed the subject, "Dinner?"

He grabbed his chiseled stomach, "I have to watch my weight." He smiled 

Xristha turned back to her office, "I think we can work it off after." She 
left him speechless.
<End snip>

Dellan's mouth fell open as Xristha walked into her office. He jumped off 
the bio bed and followed afer her. "Well, when you put it that way...." He 
said, smiling. She turned and he found himself right next to her. He felt 
her breath against his face and he found that he was starting to breath 
heavier than before.....

He placed his hand on her cheek and leaned down. She began to lean towards 
him and her eues closed. Suddenly, her commbadge went off. =/\= Dr. Droin, 
please meet me in cargo bay 2.=/\= Xristha pulled away. "Um....I'll...talk 
to you later about dinner, okay?" She asked.

Dellan nodded, clearing his throat. "Uh...okay....ya..." He said. She 
grabbed her tricorder, turned on her hel and walked out of sickbay, leaving 
Dellan alone with his thoughts.

Dellan sighed and walked out of sickbay. He tapped his commbadge. "Kye to 
Gainsly." He waited a moment. =/\= Gainsly here. What's up Del?=/\=

Dellan cleared his throat again. "Um, would you meet me in the lounge later? 
We need to go over some case files and I wanna talk to you about something I 
felt earlier....." He heard some commotion on the otehr end. =/\= You felt 
that too, huh? I'm on my way to the cargo bay to check out something with 
the Captain. And I'll meet you there in about an hour, okay?=/\= Dellan 
stepped into a turbo. "Alright. Sounds good. Kye out." He tapped his 
commbadge, then tapped it again. "Kye to Ethexx." He waited for a reply.


Lt.JG Aerissa Gainsly - Assistant JAG Officer
USS Vanguard
After Jayne's Post

Aerissa walked out of the cargo bay. She looked back at "Des" and tried to 
see if she could get a reading on her...But she was blocked somehow. She 
shook her head. "Maybe I'm just to new to all of this...." She thought.

She stopped and leaned up against the wall. These past few weeks had been 
very hectic for her...She had gotten these strange new powers, learned a 
little more about her heritage....and found she ahd feelings for a certain 
member of the crew.....Soman Drath. She laughed to herself. "Gee, you 
certainly know how to pick 'em, Aer...." She said.

She looked up as the cargo bay door opened and out walked Captain Santos. He 
looked up and saw her and motioned for her to wait. "Ms. Gainsly. Have you 
been to pick up anything from our visitor?" Aerissa shook her head. "No...I 
think maybe Dr. Droin or Lt. Kye may be better at sensing something.....I'ms 
till to new at this..."

He smiled reassuringly. "Well, keep trying. In the mean time, could you 
maybe see if you can find any info about her? I mean, even some basic 
biographical data could be useful..." Aerissa smiled and nodded. "Alright. 
Consider it done, sir." He smiled. "And if you need any assistance, just let 
myself or Mister Drath know."

Aerissa smiled again and nodded. "Well, Mister Drath, anwyay..." She thought 
to her self.


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