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Lt.JG Dellan Kye- JAG Officer
USS Vanguard
After Soman's post

Dellan stood one the bridge, watching the different events take
place. He turned to Aerissa, her face froced with concernration.
Her eyes were slightly dragging and she was resting on a nearby

"Aer? You okay?" Her face was somewhat pale and she didn't look
good. "I'm.....okay..." she sai,d her voice somewhat raspy.
"I've just....never used my pwoers this much before..." As she
spoke, her body began to sag slightly.

Dellan's eyes widened and he rushed to ehr side. "Kye to
sickbay! Xristha! Aerissa needs your help! Her minds being
voerworked..." He said, glaring at Soman.

Soman walked over to Aerissa and helped her stand. "Are you
going to be alright Lt.?" He asked. "She nodded. "I think

Soman tapped his commbadge. "Doctor, your assitance won't be
needed after all." Dellan grabbed his arm. "What?? She's not
used to this!!! I can do it if you need an Empath that badly!!"

Soman turned to him and frowned. "Lt. Kye. It is obvious Lt.
Gainsly has some special ability you don't possess and she is
needed here. Now, if you will kindly let my arm go and let me
return to the situation at hand...." Dellan released his arm,
but continued to glare at him. If Soman noticed, he didn't show

Lt.JG Aerissa Gainsly-JAG Assitant
USS Vanguard
During my other post

Aerissa watched as Dellan and Soman went at it and she continued
to scan for Alvon. She scanned deeper into the Nexus and
suddenly, she opened her eyes and found herself in a strange

It was a bluish-green color and it seemed to shimmer with light.
She looked up and found herself staring at the Vanguard. "Am I
in the nExus?" She thought.

As if in answer, she began to hear a hundred voices speak to
her, the Universe, the Vanguard and each other. "No my
child....You are not in the 'Nexus' as you call it..."

Aerissa turned around, looking for the speaker. "Who are you?
And where am I then?"

She heard a laugh. "You are in the very essence of the
Universe....The LifeSpirt's...."

Aerissa smiled."Why does that sound so familer?" She asked. "It
should because you are the decendant of the Guardians of this

Aerissa turned and looked at the Essence. She felt a strange
familiarity coming from it. But then it slowy dissapated and she
saw Alvon. "Alvon! Are you alright?" She cried. But he couldn't
hear her. He seemed to be heading for something.

Suddenly, she saw a huge battle take place and Alvonw as trapped
in the middle of it! "I have to help him!" She cried out to the
voices. "The only way to help him is by returning to the 'other
world' where you came from...."

Aerissa nodded. "Then send me back!"

She felt herself get groggy and fall into a deep sleep. When she
awoke, she was back on the bridge of the Vanguard.

Dellan was leaning over her, along with Soman and Xristha. "Are
you alright?" Dellan asked, helping her sit up. She nodded. "I'm
okay...but Alvon is in trouble! We have to help or he



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