[nanomsg] Re: Moving forward

  • From: Martin Lucina <martin@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: nanomsg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2015 10:39:00 +0100

alex@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx said:
> From what I've seen on the list, you seem to care quite a bit about this
> library. I don't see why you need anyone's permission to fork it and do
> as you wish (review/merge other people's PRs, etc).
> In fact, I think that's the spirit of open source. Rather than
> continually requesting Martin's participation, why don't you just do it?
> At this point you've more than proven your ability and interest in moving
> this project forward, and i'll gladly work with (test&review) an
> implemention that is maintained/supported over one that's not.

There is an important difference between the term "fork" as it is used on
Github today, and "fork" in its original meaning.

For the former, sure, you don't need anyone's permission to clone a
repository and make your way from there.

For the latter, you are forking more than just some code, you are also
forking the project's name, community and thus mindshare.

Having been through one of these forks myself - the
ZeroMQ->Crossroads(->nanomsg) fork which happened for entirely different
reasons, I do not recommend it unless absolutely necessary.

Personally, right now I don't see the need for a fork (of either kind),
all that needs to happen is that Martin Sustrik give Garrett his blessing
to step in as a maintainer.

I believe that Dirkjan has all the admin rights needed to add maintainers
to the existing organisation on Github once that happens.

Martin? Ping?


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