[muscle] Re: muscle w/ visual studio 2k5

  • From: Jeremy Friesner <jaf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: muscle@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2010 11:20:00 -0700

Hi JB,

On Sep 21, 2010, at 11:16 AM, red johnson wrote:
> Muscle looked interesting, but it appears I won't be able to utilize it. I 
> have since moved on to a lighter weight approach, although I still need a 
> good messaging layer that compiles in VS2K5 to complete it along with the 
> platform independent socket layer and cJSON that's currently working.
> The heavy use of templates is a two-edged sword that really leaves out some 
> of the middle range embedded systems. This is unfortunate.

Fair enough -- but note that the C-only implementation of MUSCLE will compile 
on any C compiler, so it would work in VS2K5.  It's in the "minimessage" 
sub-folder, and is protocol-compatible with all the other implementations of 


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