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This usually isn't the case.  At any rate, the only difference between
Netscape and Mozilla is that there isn't all the additional baggage with
Mozilla.  The browser functionality is pretty much identical. You could
probably install it in tandem with Netscrape and try it out even.
If you are really brave you could use resource hacker to hack the dll's of
netscrape and make the program look just how you want it.
See my page at http://www.thethin.net/visual.cfm
 And to do some really cool stuff to your browsers have a go at this page:
Jim Kenzig
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  >Heh. Since someone else already gave the obligatory smart-a** answer
  >I agree with) I guess I can say this:

  So the other answer wasn't meant to help, but to be a smart ass? Hmmm,
didn't expect that on this list...I thought maybe the guy had left out a
step. I guess there's no way around it. Thanks guys.

  I would try Mozilla, but the wife is very used to Netscape and hates
change. Guess I'll live with it..now that I know the smart assed answers are
fair game....

  Kelly & Jana Hanna

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