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 Theres also a Yahoo toolbar. Good if you have Yahoo as your webmail. Also read 
the following. All of these have been featured in TechTV. You should really 
have Internet Explorer as an alternative browser becoz most of the following 
toolbars use IE. Good luck:


Nutshell toolbar features 

Search the Web using Google. 

Search within a site using Google. 

Search Amazon.com. 

Search Dictionary.com. 

Search The Internet Movie Database <http://www.imdb.com/>. 

Search Daypop <http://www.daypop.com/>, a site that aggregates news sites and 

How do I use the Nutshell toolbar? 

Download the Nutshell installer at this page 

Right-click anywhere on your IE toolbar and select Nutshell. (Or go to View, 
choose Toolbars, and select Nutshell.) 

Whenever you're searching for something on the Web, type in your search terms 
and hit enter. The default search is Google.

If you want to search within a site using Google or if you want to search any 
of the other sites, enter your search terms and click on the red button that 
reads Go. Then select which site you want to search. 

The Nutshell toolbar only works with Windows 98 and up, and only with IE 5.5 or 
above. Andre, the author wants to develop a version for the Mac and is taking 
suggestions on how to do it. If you know how, email him 

Download Nutshell Toolbar <http://www.torrez.org/projects/nutshell/>


The Google Toolbar

If you use Google, you should try the Google toolbar. It's a free download that 
simplifies all the best features of Google, including searching within a site 
and highlighting your search terms on the page. 

The only drawbacks are the system requirements: Right now it only works with 
Windows and Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher. 

Presumably, one of the reasons Google offers this free tool is to gather 
information to help improve its own search results. The company's privacy 
policy states that it doesn't associate this information with your personal 
profile. In fact, Google doesn't ask for any personal information. 

If you're still concerned, you can install the toolbar without the advanced 

Download the Google Toolbar <http://services.google.com/navclient/install.php3>


Google Toolbar Updated
As if searching Google straight from your toolbar wasn't enough, now Google is 
testing a few new features on its toolbar, one of which will help you kill 
pop-up ads. It won't kill all pop-up ads, but it will slay the ones that appear 
when you leave a site. I personally feel those are the most annoying. 

The toolbar also allows you to search Google Images, Google Groups, and the 
Google Directory with only one extra click. 

Get the Google Toolbar's new features 

If you already have the Google Toolbar, you'll have to uninstall and reinstall 
to get these extra features. 

After you've reinstalled, click the Google icon on your toolbar and choose 
Toolbar Options. 

Scroll down to the heading "Experimental Features" at the bottom of the page. 

Click the Experimental Features link. 

Select the features you'd like to add. 

Click OK.

Get the Google Toolbar <http://toolbar.google.com/>

Warning: Be careful not to click the Reset Layout button. 


Dave's Quick Search Taskbar Toolbar Deskbar 

Dave's Quick Search Taskbar Toolbar Deskbar (DQSTTD for short) does everything.

Here's an incomplete list of what DQSTTD will do 

Search Google, eBay, Merriam-Webster's Dictionary, and more straight from your 

Search for maps at Mapquest. 

View a monthly calendar. 

Make calculations. 

Get the weather. 

Find your own vanity phone number. 

Cheat in Scrabble.

Best of all, the toolbar is free, open source, and totally customizable. Don't 
miss the show tonight. I'll demonstrate a few cool shortcuts that make DQSTTD 
even faster. 

Download Dave's Quick Search Taskbar Toolbar Deskbar 
<http://notesbydave.com/toolbar/> or <http://notesbydave.com/toolbar/dqsd.exe> 
to download directly.




  "Kelly C. Hanna" <ElkySS@xxxxxxx> wrote: >if you like toolbars, get the 
google and nutshell toolbars. do a net search for them.  
 I got the Google bar...great idea since I use them a lot, thanks!!

Kelly & Jana Hanna 

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