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Thank you.  I'm glad you sent the text but sad about the  content.
I am disliking more and more what America is turning into.  It isn't  the 
America I grew up in.
Julie Krueger

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Worked for me.  Here, anyway, is the text. The Raw Story URL  is



President  George W. Bush says that a recent report that an estimated
655,000 Iraqis  have died since the start of the Iraq war isn't
credible. The only thing this  demonstrates is that his education
either didn't include statistics or he  didn't learn what he should
have. See this CNN report courtesy of Raw Story.  Note that it isn't
just John Zogby saying that the methodology was sound and  the report
95% likely to be accurate. Note, in particular, this  exchange.

ZOGBY:I don't think that there's anybody in my business  who
responsibly believes that 30,000 to 40,000 or 45,000 Iraqis have  been
killed since March of 2003.

HOLMES: Right. That was always a  nonsense figure. I mean, you just
needed to do the math day to day with 100  people being found in the
streets some days.

ZOGBY: Excuse me,  Michael. But 100 people found in Baghdad, or Mosul
or Al Ramadi  (ph).

HOLMES: Yes, absolutely. Actually normally just in Baghdad. And  there
are a couple of areas in Iraq that are far more violent than  Baghdad
itself, believe it or not.

Statistics, hell. It looks like  George can't even do  arithmetic.

John  McCreery
The Word Works, Ltd., Yokohama, JAPAN

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