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I appreciate what you've said.  I'd be glad to know what your response  to 
the BBC article I posted is.
Julie Krueger

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>John Mc: Statistics, hell. It looks like  George can't even do arithmetic.

The trouble is, the arithmetic  doesn't support the 'statistics' from the 
study that Julie cited. It  concluded that 654,000 - or 2.5% of the 
population had been  killed.

For Julie, Just a beginning of my analysis, which will  probably be met with 
"oh come on Paul, don't spin for Bush" admonitions from  all the alarmists:

Well let's just take the 100 people a day in the  streets of Baghdad 
"statistic". Over 3 years, if 100 citizens of Baghdad  were killed  --There 
are approximately 5.7 million citizens living  there -- therefore, this only 
represents about 0.19% of the population of  Baghdad. So... for 
approximately 25% of the population of Iraq, living in  what is arguably one 
of the most violent zones of the country, the death  rate is .19%. I would 
like to know, where are all these other of the '47  randomly selected' 
sections where they conducted the  interviews.


Paul  Stone
Kingsville, ON, Canada  

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