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I recently bought a new computer and had a tech support type to help me set  
it up -- wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, logitech...   I was going  to buy 
McAfee and he said it was absolute junk and to use Avast instead (which,  btw 
is free).  I've been using it at the office for years and it works very  well. 
Julie Krueger

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I upgraded my McAfee anti-virus package, and it's  now throwing [SPAM] into
subject lines.  It did that for my Netflix  notification too.  It also seems
to be competing with Adaware when it  updates.  I wonder if Adaware isn't
taking out what McAfee is putting  in.  I've been turning off Adaware and
then updating McAfee manually,  and sure enough, Adaware comes back and
tells me there's been a registry  modification, and I click yes, allow.  Too
much technology  sometimes.

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> >  >>Is this part of the  comedy?  I wonder how he feels today, 
> > post  Suskind/Ricks/Galbraith/Woodward?
> >
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