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  • From: Robert Paul <rpaul@xxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2006 09:57:56 -0700

Judith Evans wrote:

It is really hot here by our standards (80s-90s) and very humid,
but we've had no power cuts.  (I don't think people are being careful,
either.)    Thank goodness!

Predicted: 103-105 today; 105 tomorrow; and 101 Sunday. After that it trails off into the nineties for next week. The humidity is relatively low, though (I've lived in Upstate New York, Indiana, and Wellesley Mass.) In Indiana the summer temperature and humidity were often the same.) When it's hot in NW Oregon, it's still possible for one's sweat to evaporate, and things cool off pleasantly at night.

A lot of people who live in older apartments in the city have no air conditioning, but volunteers from various organizations seem to be checking on them regularly, especially on the elderly.

The rivers have been crowded with crazy people in power boats and jet skis, and the river patrol has been busy. (In Britain, I think that would be 'have been busy.')

Stay cool.

Robert Paul
somewhere south of Reed College
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