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  • Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2006 14:24:46 +0100

It is really hot here by our standards (80s-90s) and very humid,
but we've had no power cuts.  (I don't think people are being careful, 
either.)    Thank goodness!
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  Power outages throughout US and in the Central Valley (CA, 110 degrees or 
so). They've lasted just a few hours, so far. Governator requested certain 
energy cutbacks (don't use major appliances until 7 pm, one lightbulb per 
room--only in the room you're in, etc.) and both the large buildings and 
individual citizens seem to be complying.  

  In CA, we have a system of "rolling blackouts." Works fairly well, when it's 
needed. Enron and Halliburton robbed the state, a few years back, pretending we 
needed those blackouts when there was actually plenty of available energy in 
our region. But that's something else. 

  Sympathies to all on this planet. Cool water is wonderful, isn't it?

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