[lit-ideas] Re: interaction of polls and public opinion

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  • Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2006 11:57:32 +0900

On 10/25/06, Andy Amago <aamago@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

From Merriam Webster online, a meme is "an idea, behavior, style, or usage
that spreads from person to person within a culture."   I would think once
"theory" is appended, the concept is no longer a meme; it moves into the
realm of science, and in fact evolution is embraced by all scientists.
Likewise the Big Bang.  Saddam's keeping WMD is a meme, i.e., an
unsupported allegation that began as an effort to manipulate public opinion
and then lived on as fact until disproved.

I note only that my usage is perfectly consistent with Miriam Webster
while yours is an unsupported assertion. But, hey, as Tweedledee and
Tweedledum observed, words can mean what we want them to mean.


John McCreery
The Word Works, Ltd., Yokohama, JAPAN

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