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  • Date: Sat, 11 Nov 2006 16:45:38 -0500

Judy: What's *interesting* is that it's that specific (purely imaginary) one that occurred to Eric.

What do you expect, Judy? Remember that I wrote and posted this back in 2002.



[AP]Former Homeland Security Czar Tom "Al-haj" Ridge said Sunday there was "nothing bad" in an al-Qaida letter that threatens new attacks against New York and Washington unless "America stops supporting Israel and converts to Islam."

"We have already stopped supporting Israel," noted Ridge, "and all Americans have converted to Islam as of September 11, 2003."

Nervously adjusting his prayer rug to face Mecca, Ridge interrupted his Ramadan celebrations to brief Infidel reporters Sunday.

"The outlaw state of Israel is now on its own, just as they always complained they were, and that includes large sections of Brooklyn." Ridge then cited a list of impressive changes America has made in response to threats from masked, women-hating terrorists living in filthy caves.

* Mullah Ashcroft has released the names of over 50,000 feminists sent to re-education facilities under the National Sharia Act * A new joint partnership between government and private industry has resulted in thousands of new honey stands and whip factories across America * New NEA chief John W. Lindh has overseen the destruction of 700 major museums of infidel art and calls it "a promising beginning"

"Frankly, I don't know what our al-Qaida brothers are talking about," said Ridge, interrupted for three hours by the call to prayer from the former Washington Monument. "But, praise be to Allah, we are way ahead of them on this one."

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