[lit-ideas] Re: Reason and Politics

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Quoting Eric Yost <eyost1132@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> WO: Democracy ... and rationality as a system of universal 
> imperatives, are obligated to disregard the truth or 
> rightness of any religious view.
> Eric: Is it rational to disregard the content of a belief
> system [Satanism] that worships evil? Especially since that 
> content involves the overthrow of rationality itself, 
> thereby eliminating the furtherance of rational investigation?
> Maybe that's a roundabout way of asking whether reason has a 
> rational responsibility for its own continuation?

W: The problem facing pluralist democracies is one of coping fairly with a
variety of different forms of "reason" without passing judgement on the truth
or rationality of the beliefs involved. That imperative is of course itself a
product of reason, but of "reason" of a very distinctive sort. It must remain
strictly formal and procedural in order to maintain its universal status. 

> Just asking.

W: Good question.

Walter C. Okshevsky

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