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No, I don't think I've seen Miller's paper but it looks like something I should
take a look at before this coming May. A colleague specializing in "whiteness
theory" (if I got that right), seduced me over some very fine malt to give a
talk defending Habermas from his pomo, feminist post-colonialist critics. Since
a significant number of double-drams of Cragganmore hung in the balance, I of
course eagerly agreed. Trouble is, apart from a paper by Young on "assymetry of
[something or other]" a few pieces by Benhabib, and now the citations from
Frank's outline, I really know babkis about
the topic. Most of my work on Habermas involves the relation between Discourse
Ethics, Kant's moral theory and political and moral ed.. Could you give me the
reference for the Miller paper? And anything else you think a crowd of pomoists
would expect to hear from a Kantian transcendentalist defending Habermas? (My
plea also goes out to the List as a whole, of course.) May seems like a long
ways away but between other duties and breaking in my new Stiga/Mark V racquet,
and deliberating upon Phil's responses to my posts on Kant (will get to them
soon!), May month will be here before I know it. 

Walter Okshevsky

Quoting Judith Evans <judithevans1@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> You're welcome!  but I admit I have a stake in this, I taught
> democratic
> theory.  I'm glad Frank, whose course indeed looks very good,
> incorporates, in particular, Benhabib and Young: I began putting
> Young on my reading lists, and some students liked her work a
> lot, but
> I may have done it a bit too early.
> (I prefer Frank's approach to the "add globalization and/or
> democratization"
> one.)
> I posted the O'Donnell link to illustrate democratic theory's
> many mansions.
> Having sent that then gone out for a coffee and cheesecake, I
> spent ages pondering
> deliberative democracy, feminist critiques of it (as it were)....
> do you know
> David Miller's paper on that?
> Judy Evans, Cardiff
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> > Thank you for that, Judith. Both for the reply and Frank's
> excellent course
> > outline.
> >
> > Walter Okshevsky
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