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You're welcome!  but I admit I have a stake in this, I taught
theory.  I'm glad Frank, whose course indeed looks very good,
incorporates, in particular, Benhabib and Young: I began putting
Young on my reading lists, and some students liked her work a
lot, but
I may have done it a bit too early.

(I prefer Frank's approach to the "add globalization and/or

I posted the O'Donnell link to illustrate democratic theory's
many mansions.

Having sent that then gone out for a coffee and cheesecake, I
spent ages pondering
deliberative democracy, feminist critiques of it (as it were)....
do you know
David Miller's paper on that?

Judy Evans, Cardiff

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> Thank you for that, Judith. Both for the reply and Frank's
excellent course
> outline.
> Walter Okshevsky
> Memorial University
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