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So nobody except Europe contributed to civilization?  Where does the 21st 
century fit in in this panoply of perfection?    

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Date: Monday, October 13, 2008, 5:29 PM

Chris cited: the ancient inventors from the Islamic 
world did more than their share in paving the way 
towards the progress of civilization as we know it.

I wonder how "their share" is calculated?

 >>strides in mathematics, medicine, astronomy and 
chemistry, to name a few, established foundations upon 
which modern medicine, chemistry and physics are based 
on. ..."

Yes, it's amazing how they developed the achievements 
of Hellenistic scientists and made them their own. And 
it's important one know this; otherwise, one might 
think the culture heavily weighted toward 
sword-wielding, women-abusing, slaving, sunstruck mad 
sky-god thralls.

In other words, the preening description has the 
"protest too much" quality that comes from someone with 
an inferiority complex trying to promote 
themselves...the same inferiority complex that shows up 
in remarks by Bin Laden.

Why not assume essential dignity and move on? Otherwise 
one must consider the old (inferiority-complex based) 
Soviet claims of having invented the TV, the computer, 
and everything else.
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