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Lawrence wrote:

I note how close Omar’s arguments seem to Syria’s. The Lit-Ideas Leftists aren’t as articulate but side with Omar, Syria and Hizbollah. I haven’t seen any of them siding with Israel.

I, along with Mike, would like to know whom you have in mind when you toss out the epithet 'Lit-Ideas Leftists.' The trouble with this sort of dismissal by naming is that it may allow one to avoid thinking about what's actually said by placing the writer in a category, the members of which have already been judged. I offer this inarticulate suggestion in all modesty.

The war between Israel and Hizbullah has revealed profound disagreement in the Arab world concerning the legitimacy of Hizbullah's activities against Israel. Two major camps have emerged. The first camp, led by Saudi Arabia, opposed Hizbullah's activities and called them "uncalculated adventures," not "resistance," and said that in order for a group to be considered a resistance organization it must meet certain criteria that Hizbullah does not meet.

The contention that Hizbullah's actions were not resistance was first heard July 12, 2006, from a senior Saudi official who stated: [snip]

This list of statements from various representatives of the Arab world was no doubt an honest sample at the time they were uttered or published. But the most recent one is dated July 21; the one before that July 18; the rest are earlier. Since July 21, and certainly since mid-July, Israel has intensified its attacks, has invaded southern Lebanon in earnest, and has launched raids in northern Lebanon. There's much evidence that statements like these (I speak only of those seeming to condemn Hezbollah) have moderated considerably (you could look it up) and that few Arab leaders who once condemned it now do so openly.

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