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Who's the most famous artist in
the world that nobody's ever heard of?

Everybody's heard of Yoko Ono. She is not famous as an artist. She used to be a downtown-style, minor performance artist before she hooked up with Lennon.

Renee's argument is strong. Probably more people have heard of Sallman than Flagg.

However, it may be an impossible question. Can a person be "The Most Famous" [anything ... insert your activity here] "That Nobody's Ever Heard Of"?

Colorless green redux.

(1) Here's the Sallman argument.

  * the New York Times in 1994 called him the
"best-known artist of the century".[3]

  * Warner Sallman's 1940 oil painting "The Head
of Christ" is believed to be the most reproduced
religious work of art. It's been copied a billion
times, if you include lamps, clocks and calendars.

Here's another possibility. Times change.

(2) The designer of Google logos. Yet as Paul
noted, that's also stretching the definition of art.

  * Dennis Hwang may be the most famous unknown
artist in the world

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