[lit-ideas] Re: Geary on Instrumental Technological Rationality

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--- On Tue, 22/9/09, Mike Geary <atlas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> We thing
> > the world every bit as much if not more than we think
> it or dream it. Life is a hoot."

Heideigger had a little-known planned volume "Being And Hootiness", but felt it 
sat ill with Nazi earnestness.
> Human culture is also radically contingent 

Ah. Not merely contingent but "radically" so. Where human life obeys 
'scientific' laws it is surely not even contingent; and what is the difference 
between ordinary and 'radical' contingency?

>and deeply fearful and fiercely selfish 

Surely this needs to be qualified: _some_ human life has these unfortunate 
characteristics, but not even most (trouble is we all suffer when that _some_ 
gets power over the rest of us).

>and that makes life on earth
> increasingly tenuous.  

Human life on earth is not increasingly tenuous (not with over-population 
rising as it is), and life on earth in general even less so. Perhaps this makes 
your POV increasingly tenuous. 

Duckg RP's challenging post for the mo

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