[lit-ideas] Re: Geary on Instrumental Technological Rationality

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--- On Wed, 23/9/09, Mike Geary <atlas@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I don't know how 'scientific' laws side step contingency --

By not being contingent. [They represent, for example, physical or chemical or 
biological _necessity_; not logical necessity, hence they are logically 
contingent - but so's everything, except perhaps logical necessity]. 

> actually it seems to me that scientific law would concretize
> contingency, but I'm  not going there, 


> Radical contingenciers, like myself, believe
> that even God -- no, especially God, is a contingent being.

Gotcha. It depends though. Logically contingent? Maybe. Otherwise contingent? 
Maybe not.
> Actually over-population is one of the more important
> factors threatening human life.  

Not per se. Donning an academic cap we might refer to a 'paradox of 
over-population' that applies to all species: in itself over-population 
threatens the livelihood of every individual in the species [since it increases 
competition for limited resources] while lessening the threat to the survival 
of the species as a whole [think Panda for a contrast]. The problem is that the 
consequences of human over-population include destruction of the environment 
and of 'liveable' habitat, which in turn threatens the individual and the 
species as a whole. 

Glad to clear that up. Yeh and what is it with these Nazis?


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