[lit-ideas] Re: Geary on Instrumental Technological Rationality

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Even  such supposedly pure 
vorhanden relations as sexuality have become  zuhanden for many of us -- 
me, of course.  

Hence the dilldo, which as Ritchie knows, it's Scots for dill-do. Or, as  
Judy Evans would say, flashlight!
Geary will say that sex is not really 'rational'. The idea that one needs  
or intends to f*ck someone is, and hence the means to accomplish the goal.
Geary will argue that a vixen does not reason when she f*cks the fox, but  
then, as Heidegger notes, foxes don't have 'hands' (vorhanden, zuhanden), 
only  paws.
Heidegger is the only animal who has hands.

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