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I'm impressed, Mike.


Trouble is, most people in this country will not notice the cheek

a mile or two.


William Ball

Norma Ball 


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              WHITE PEOPLE



                   white women

             they're the problem

                all those darkies

              want white women

                 gotta stop 'em




                 still don't know

what those mop-head sand niggers want

                all we want is oil

            they need to get a grip

             give us what we want

               we're white people



            if it's taller than it is wide

                     it's phallic

                sometimes a cigar 

               is more than a cigar

                  just ask Clinton

           God is taller than he is wide

               but I'm not going there


                   is God white?

          ask any Southern Republican           

                    it's all about


                  and niggers are


              just like they once were




Mike Geary



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