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On Jul 22, 2007, at 3:48 PM, Robert Paul wrote:

David Ritchie writes

I leave it to you to describe the circumstances which cause an armor
plated Mercedes to be owned in such a place. All I can think of is the
witness protection program.

Another hypothesis. Butte Falls is in Jackson County, which borders on Northern California. Jackson County is the largest marijuana growing area in the state, attracting more than twice the number of Federal pot busts in 2006 than the runner-up.

Well this to me marks the decline of the small press and broadsheet. Where is the enterprising fellow who, like my younger self, would write in the "Butte Falls Advertiser and Buckler," "We've noticed that among the four hundred pick up truuuuuuuucks in town [naturally more than one per person] there seems to be a black, armor-plated, bullet-proof Mercedes. What one earth could this, one is provoked to ask, without seeming Liberal or in favor of the Federal Gummint or anything, possibly mean? And why does the owner not belong either to the Kiwanis/Key Club or the Society for Creative Anachronism?"

David Ritchie,
resident of the only slightly smug metropolis of
Portland, Oregon

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