[lit-ideas] Erin's Course Dilemma

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I'm not one to talk, Erin, but you must stay the course. Your desire to
take Derrida was no fluke: it was *Glas* ringing through you, viz.
Derrida's opus on Hegel's dialectic. Keep all your courses, play your
German card in the Derrida and Heidegger courses, that is, point out
that a knowledge of the German reveals things unrevealed even to the
translators, say, of Hegel, even to so astute an analyst as Derrida. I
haven't had time to weigh in yet on the Ceres and Bacchus question you
posed, but already from the responses and from a glance at the A.V.
Miller translation you cited, I can see that there's a lot of fun to be
had setting the ledger straight. If you do all this, your problems in
German will solve themselves--because you will be actively using the
German to pick deep into the subjects of _your other three classes_!
You'll amaze your teachers, hold your scholarship, blow away the GREs
and enroll in the graduate program in philosophy _of your choice_.

Richard Henninge
University of Mainz

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I have a dilemma.  You must advise me.  I am enrolled in 4 courses this
1) German
2) Schelling/Rosenzweig/Heidegger
3) Seminar: Derrida
4) Hegel

(snip) Do I keep the Hegel class and put my other classes at risk or do
I drop the Hegel class and suffer in the summer?

Helllp meeeeee


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