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  • Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2005 15:22:58 +0900

On 2005/01/18, at 15:04, Teemu Pyyluoma wrote:

> Just a quick note, but that is a pretty big "etc."
> That is, if say my coffee mug is a linguistic
> expression (and it does have some corporate propaganda
> printed into it) we are in for a serious rethink of
> what linguistic expression means. For starters, I can
> combine words to make sentences, with more or less
> success. I am not at all clear what the analogical
> thing to do would be with physical objects,
> technology?

Does your coffee cup have to be a linguistic expression? I don't think 

But when we **SAY** "The coffee cup means X...." or, more precisely, 
"The writing on the coffee cup means X..." our use of language seems 
inescapable. Ditto for any gesture involving the coffee up, be it mute 
pointing or picking it up to swallow some coffee. Until we **SAY** 
something, it doesn't "mean" anything. No language, no meaning.

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