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"Erin Holder" writes:

: I've left out five other essays in the compilation that, frankly, seem
: rather boring - like "Schopenhauer on the Self".

Now that is the only one that I would be likely to find interesting.

Schopenhauer is sometimes thought to have indepedently discovered
in the West the thruths that the Buddha taught.  (I gather that,
in actuality, Shopenhauer rather missed the point; on the other 
hand, he reputedly is an even better prose stylist than Nietzsche.)  

The nature of the self is the central issue in Buddhism.  As
Dogen puts it:

 To study the teachings is to study the self;
 To study the self is to forget the self;
 To forget the self is to be one with the myriads of beings.

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