[lit-ideas] India

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  • Date: Fri, 14 May 2004 14:04:48 EDT

Okay -- who here has a good understanding of the machinations in India?  The 
reading I've been doing keeps referring to Ghandi's as the "Congress" and 
sometimes "Congress Communist" Pary.  I have yet to see Vajpayee's "party" 
or labeled.  It looks like his sectarian attitude towards the Muslims may be 
replaced by a more open attitude on the part of Ghandi -- I'm wondering how 
seriously this could affect/help the Kashmir situation?  It amazes me the power 
the name "Ghandi" has even though she was foreign-born and daughter-in-law only 
of Indira.  I suddenly realize that I have sadly neglected the history of 
India, in my quest to understand what's going on in the ME.  <sigh>  I need a 
photographic memory.  or something.

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