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It's the heat, Judy.  Heat indices 110-115 this week and days  following 
(don't know what that translates into centigrade).  People aren't  even eating 
....it's just too hot for anything but italian ices.
Julie Krueger

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LH>We had the discussion at one time  about whether
LH> we should have assassinated  Hitler in 1934-37.  
LH>If we had done so, then Mike could  have berated 
LH>the US, France or Britain for taking  out that benign 
LH>fellow who was just trying to improve  the Germanâs lot in life
it would be pleasant to think this simply a  clumsy joke in
appallingly bad taste, but I assume you mean  it.  Disgraceful.
Judy Evans, Cardiff

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