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with John Kennedy (one-on-ones with the President virtually never happened) 
told Kennedy that no matter what the Russians do, not matter what, whether it 
be invade France, invade Germany, no matter what they do, do not, under any 
circumstances, do not use nuclear weapons. 
We never actually took that advice to heart. The Ladder of Escalation was 
always there, waiting for insane circumstances to give us a leg up.
During the 1970s NATO planned to counter a Soviet invasion of the Fulda Gap 
by nuking sections of the Autobahn, sending radioactive fallout eastward with 
the prevailing winds, and creating a radioactive hot zone to slow the Soviet 

It was assumed that a massive Soviet troop advance would push NATO forces to 
western France, and that only setting off "small" tactical nukes could delay 
the Soviet advance long enough for reinforcements to shore up the beleaguered 
NATO positions. Furthermore it was assumed that the Soviets would be willing to 
force their troops through these hot zones at great cost in lives, and NATO 
might have to counter with more powerful weapons. 

To cap this folly, there were also plans to fight in the hot zones--troops 
were trained for the " NBC" (nuke-bio-chem) "environment." Perhaps it was the 
memory of their 1980s NBC-training that made now-senior Army staff so sanguine 
about wearing gas masks up to Baghdad borough limits.

Not with a bang but an infomercial,

A.A.  Thanks, Eric.  I did not know this.  It's funny how the Soviets, as 
militarily-oriented as they were, either never took our bait or never baited us 
to the point of disaster, as when Kruschev blinked first.  I wonder if it's 
because they experienced first hand the devastation of horrendous war on their 
soil.  Maybe that's why they were so militarily-oriented in the first place, 
but we will never know.  

Andy Amago

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