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  • Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009 13:29:23 +0200

On 30-Jun-09, at 2:07 AM, Robert Paul wrote:

Karl Trogge wrote

It sounds like Leibniz to me.

We have a winner! You may collect your prize at the office of the Mutton Philosophy Department, which is on the third floor of Shepherd Hall, on the Mutton campus.

You, as a Leibniz scholar, will realize that duplicate prizes could not be awarded.

Me - a WINNER? All those years of buying lottery tickets - nothing! And now THIS - the BIG (you did say XXXL, didn't you?) PRIZE! Thank you, Mr Paul.

Well, I suppose I can come out of the closet now and admit my Platonic tendencies - which save me a trip to the Mutton Campus. I will merely intuit the Eternal Form of the prize T-shirt ...

Hey, that looks GOOD! (And isn't it convenient, the way ONE size fits ALL?)

The rest of you (as good Leibnizians) can do me the favour of looking into the living mirrors of the universe that are your souls and tell me how I look in it.

And, while you're at it - well, I must confess to a certain weakness of the INNER eye; perhaps one or the other of you can help me. Through assiduous practice of the Socratic discipline I climb the epistemological ladder from opinion with its illusory beliefs to knowledge - yet my vision (fallible mortal that I am) remains somewhat imperfect.

I mean, I see the T-shirt quite clearly; the Mutton College logo and motto stand out as if engraved by lightning-strokes of REASON in the bedrock of my CONSCIOUSNESS - and yet ...

Er, could someone please tell me what COLOUR it is?

Karl Trogge
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