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Are you or is Walter  saying that philosophy is not a service profession?  
so, then what  the hell good is it?  Must you teach philosophy to justify 
your  philosopherness? 


I don't know -- and the sad of this is that as per today, there is no OED  
entry for 'service profession'. So keep in mind _mailto:oed3@xxxxxxxxxx 
I think it's an 'Americanism', 'service profession'?
I don't find a good definition anywhere.

S. Ward, who plays cricket, knows about the gents and the players and  all 
that. What's wrong with 'service profession' is _both_ 'service' *and*  
'profession'. Recall "A room with a view?"
EMERSON (petit bourgeois): And, what, Sir Cecil [Vyse] is _your_  
VYSE: Good heavens -- I have _no_ profession.
I always loved that phrase!

Philosophers are not the only ones who are no 'service profession' -- 
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