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Ok, installing Prolific drivers on G4 now.

Oh, and BTW, you might want to distribute it as a zipped DMG file, Stuffit is kind-of dead. It's only on my desktop G4.

On 06/05/2006, at 5:30 AM, Robin L Darroch wrote:

I suppose to start out with I should say that this is still in testing - I only finished the current version about an hour ago (at around 3am) - but it really does seem to work, so I'd appreciate as many people as are willing to test it out.


So, what is gpsdX, you ask?  It's a couple of things:

1) a universal binary build of a fully operational gpsd (including some major patches and bug fixes not even available in the svn head of gpsd)
2) a universal binary build of the GPS library (libgps), which is required to run gpsd
3) a universal binary GUI configuration manager for gpsdX, called "gpsdXConfig"

How to install it?  Very easy!

1) expand the StuffIt X archive
2) double-click on the "gpsdX installer" package
3) go through the installer procedure (like for any other program)
4) go to your Applications folder, and double-click on "gpsdXConfig.app"
5) connect your GPS unit (if it isn't already connected), and click Refresh if necessary
6) click "Select & Start"

gpsdX is now configured for your chosen GPS and running, and will automatically launch on system start. gpsd is clever enough not to worry if it doesn't have a GPS currently connected, so you don't need to worry about having your GPS connected when you boot your computer... just be sure to plug it in before you actually want to use GPS data! :)

Oh... and why does this belong on the KisMAC list? Because once you've got gpsdX installed, there's no excuse not to choose "Use GPSd for GPS integration" in the GPS preference pane of KisMAC... it's the only way to fly!

So... testing, reports, feedback, comments all welcome!


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