[kismac] Re: gpsdX - it's just like gpsd, only better!

  • From: "John Warren" <xaive1@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 8 May 2006 21:26:38 -0700

  Been thinking about gpsdX.  It may be a nice option to have the
config file output some of the NEMA data to show the user that
configuration is complete and functional.  Something simple that just
parses a few things like position and time and displays it.
  Also, to all people listening, now that I have gpsd, I'm looking
for other things to use with it.  What are the other things out there
and what are the "must haves"?  It looked the gpsd page had a few but
the list seems old.  (maybe I'm not looking at the right place?)


On 5/8/06, Robin L Darroch <robin@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>   Installation went flawlessly for me.  gpsdX up and running after
>installing and running the config.  Thanks.

Brilliant - glad to hear it!  Sounds like it's had a 100% success
rate so far, which is excellent.

That leaves me with three questions for the list in general:

1) has anyone installed and tested gpsdX on an Intel mac yet?  If so,
can you confirm that all behaved as expected?  If not, can someone
please try it?

2) provided we get confirmation of gpsdX running on an Intel mac, I
propose including the gpsdX installer with the KisMAC disk image for
the next release, and treating that as our primary means of GPS
support from now on.  Although KisMAC does support a number of GPS
units with old-style direct serial access, that is becoming a less
useful way to handle GPS units, and GPSd development has already
taken care of supporting more types of GPS than KisMAC does on its
own... so why do work twice?  If that sounds like a plan, (to the
other developers) should I simply add it to my own copy of
"KisMACraw.dmg" and commit that?

3) speaking of not doing work twice: Derrick, did you get the e-mail
I sent you off-list with the patches attached to add to the SVN
repository of gpsd?


P.S.  themacuser just pointed out to me that the gpsdX Config utility
may not list certain USB-only GPS units (possibly including the
Delorme Earthmate?).  If anyone has one of these, I'd also appreciate
it if you could test the gpsdX Config utility and report on your
success or otherwise.  I have a couple of ideas for extending the
code of gpsdX to allow GUI configuration of such devices, but will
need someone to test for me!

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