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  • From: Ryan Verner <xfesty@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2003 03:29:09 +1030

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On Tuesday, February 18, 2003, at 03:10 AM, vincent malguy wrote:

>> Debian Stable (Woody) - custom 2.4.20 kernel, with pcmcia packages
>> removed, and pcmcia 3.1.34 + snax's patch compiled in.
> same conf expect unstable. if you got any improvement let me know, 
> thanks.

Don't really see why it'd make a difference really, there's nothing 
specific to either that'd really affect anything, seeing as I've 
compiled my own kernel/pcmcia/kismet independent of debian packages.

(Unless GCC 3.2 gives 25% more wifi power!)

> what ?  you want to use viha driver on linux ? well you will have hard
> time porting it i guess since kernel stuff are pretty os specific ... 
> but
> i dont know much  about this one in fact.

Haha, god no.  I don't use an airport card, only the orinico card so I 
don't use the viha driver anyway (the other one kismac ships with, viha 
wouldn't work).

Not with Linux, with OS X.  The only reason I dual boot Linux on my 
powerbook *is* because of kismet, but I can give that a big boot up the 
backside now.

The only other OS X drivers for the orinoco cards in the pcmcia slot 
are the WirelessDriver ones from sourceforge, and they're incomplete - 
WEP doesn't work properly, you can't automatically scan for SSID's, and 
it tends to crash OS X with a restart screen randomly.  Not to mention 
no RFMON mode.


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