[kismac] Re: Orinoco Cards

  • From: Brad Knowles <brad.knowles@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 20:11:09 +0100

At 12:31 PM +0100 2003/02/18, Michael Rossberg wrote:

>  i talked to h1kari on 19c3. he did not mention that he wishes a port.
>  he has a tibook and a macos x himself, so i dont know what i should
>  think of this.

        I spoke with him a while back, and he had said that he definitely 
wanted to get it working on MacOS X, but right now the IOKit driver 
system is standing in the way.  Maybe with KisMAC, he's got the best 
combination of his tools available on MacOS X, and him not having to 
worry about porting them himself.

>  the long lists are not a special problem of kismac, but of tables on
>  macos x. these cannot refresh a single row, but it seems that you have
>  to refresh always the whole table. and if you do this ever 0.25 seconds
>  as kismac. then it will break down. one has to program an alternative
>  table module.

        Gack.  Sounds like yet another place where MacOS X isn't nearly 
as advanced as it should be.  ;-(

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