[kismac] Re: Orinoco Cards

  • From: Michael Rossberg <mick@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2003 13:03:11 +0100


> I'm really f*cking impressed.  It picked up 30 AP's, and I did the same
> trip the night before in Linux on the same machine with Kismet, and I
> think it picked up six or seven?
> Wierd, I wouldn't imagine the power levels would be any different, but
> its the same laptop/card.

i dont know what could cause this. did you ever try a bsd? because the 
viha driver is based on those. another thing that i could imagine is 
the fact that the linux driver are a little bit messy so something 
might get dropped.

> Two things I'd love to see is automatically saving the AP list - I had
> it logging into a pcap file which ethereal read perfectly, but I lost
> the AP list (so now that I've gotten out the car I don't know what AP's
> I got *g*)... something I always liked with netstumbler was loading a
> previous list, so I could gain a huge list of every AP I've ever
> stumbled.  The other is having the IP range if found displayed on the
> main screen.  Apart from that, its awesome, especially considering its
> an alpha release :-)

ahm there is an open/save function in the file menu.... and you can 
reimport your pcap file. but huge lists are not a good idea in kismac, 
because it slows it down a lot. i will add ip range detection later.

> I successfully compiled the new kernel (Mac OS X seems faster now too -
> wierd)

it is optimized and a newer release, so there might be a real gain.

> , and closing the lid occasionally causes my entire powerbook to
> turn off - anybody know about heat issues with the 500mhz units?
> Leaving the unit on for say a hour with the lid closed won't cause any
> major issues?

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