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  • Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2004 18:45:10 +0200

At 12:04 PM -0400 2004/04/30, GDevice@xxxxxxx wrote:

 1: Unqualified???? I'm a programmer, a Network administrator and my
 GPA is 4.0. I've gotten a 97 or higher on any exam I've ever taken.
 Who are you to tell me I'm unqualified??? If you want to play the
 "I'm a better programmer than you are..." find someone else please.
 I have better things to do.

I've been a MacFanatic since December of 1983 when I saw a prototype in secret, well before the Superbowl commercial was aired, and a Unix user since the summer of 1984. I've been a professional Unix systems administrator since 1989, and I've specialized in Internet e-mail and DNS since 1992. Among other places, I was the Sr. Internet Mail System Administrator for AOL from 1995-97 (being the first Internet Mail Operations person they ever hired), and I've consulted for some of the largest mail & DNS systems customers in the world. I've also been asked to give several invited talks on these subjects at industry conferences.

From where I'm sitting, this is not a p!$$!ng contest that you want to get into. Not against me, and certainly not against Mick.

You said some things that had absolutely no validity whatsoever, and you didn't like the response you got back. You can either demonstrate that you do actually have a clue and provide some factual evidence to back up your claims, you can retract what you said based on new evidence, or you can keep yammering on.

 2: I said I like the interface and what kisMac is capable of doing. It
 has no equal on the Mac platform that I can see.

Correction: It has no equal on any platform anywhere in the world.

                                                   I'm just criticizing
 the lack of card support. So CHILL OUT DUDE!

You've chosen a variety of chipsets that are not well supported by anyone but the largest commercial operating system vendors, and even then they're still kind of iffy. Mick has put a lot of hard work into this project, and trying to make the chipsets that he can support have the highest quality code that he can put into them, and he is leading the entire rest of the Macintosh industry in his attempts to bring in support for additional chipsets -- he's gotten further with Atheros that anyone else, including the commercial houses.

I think you owe him some respect.

 3: I was going to suggest that I send the developers the cards that I
 have, since the website says they are looking for hardware. Do you
 intend to get support from people by Flaming them?

Hardware doesn't help if there isn't documentation support from the vendors. I've got over a dozen different 802.11b and 802.11a/b/g cards, and KisMac supports every one of them (to a degree). I did not buy them after looking at the hardware compatibility list -- I bought them thinking they'd be neat to have, and found out later that support was already there. I've offered to send Mick more than a few cards myself, and he has yet to take me up on my offers.

If you can confirm that the vendors will provide documentation support for these cards, I'm sure that Mick would be more than happy to help get drivers for them working under MacOS X.

While this hasn't been a problem for most of the older 802.11b cards, this is a major stumbling block with almost all new chipsets -- the problem is that they are now software defined radios which can be tuned to most any frequency that is desired, and so could be used to illegally snoop and transmit on a wide variety of channels, including many designated for the exclusive use by military and law enforcement personnel.

Since the vendors would be held responsible for any radio frequency transgressions committed with their hardware, they have gone to extreme lengths to ensure that they can come down like a ton of bricks on anyone who could be touching very sensitive internal software components. They make the threat level so high that no one would ever dare think about screwing this up.

 4: If you can't take some constructive criticism from your peers,
 you're in the wrong profession guy!

I saw nothing constructive in that message from you. If you can offer constructive criticism, then I'm sure that Mick would be more than willing to listen to whatever advice you may have to give.

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