[kismac] Re: How do you get this %%$$ing program to work!!!????

  • From: GDevice@xxxxxxx
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  • Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2004 13:13:05 EDT

In a message dated 04/30/2004 11:51:04 AM, brad.knowles@xxxxxxxxx writes:

<< Limited card support?!?  What on earth are you talking about? 
Prism2 is by far the most common 802.11b chipset in use anywhere in 
the world, and is well supported by KisMac.  >>

No Kidd'n... I understand what you're saying.

I just don't appriciate the fact that you and Mick are acting like I just 
stuck the card in my Mac, Fired up kisMac, it didn't work and now I'm 

I did *suspect* that the cards did have different chip sets. So before I sent 
out my first email, I did check the Belkin site. According to Belkin the 6020 
has a Prism2 Chip set and says nothing about different chip sets for later 
revisions. At least not that I've found. Is there somewhere else I should be 
looking? As far as the D-Link site... it doesn't say much!

2ndly - respect workd 2 ways. It if want some you have to dish some out!!!

So I apologoize... I was merely venting at my frustration on not being able 
to get kisMac working. Not at your, Mick's or anyone else's qualifications! I 
would appricate if you would not question mine. If I really thought that you or 
Mick didn't know what you were doing I wouldn't have asked for your help in 
the first place!

Mick... I promise I'll try to read your documentation more closely before I 
criiticize. But I could do without the sarcasim... Agreed?

Brad - If it means anyting to you... I do like your signature. In these days 
of Terrorist scares... It does mean a lot!


"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary
safety deserve neither liberty nor safety."
     -Benjamin Franklin, Historical Review of Pennsylvania.

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