[kismac] Re: How do you get this %%$$ing program to work!!!????

  • From: GDevice@xxxxxxx
  • To: kismac@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2004 15:18:11 EDT

<< Moreover, in your original post, you made no mention of much of 
any previous research that you'd done on this topic. >>

You're right - I didn't.. so I apologize for that as well.

<< Unfortunately, your choice of subject lines and the manner in 
which you expressed yourself did not give this impression. >>

Hmmm... Right again. I'll try to be a little more civil when picking subject 
lines. If it seemed I was taking my frustrations out on you, it wasn't 

<< Oh, don't get me started.  The criminal activities of the federal 
government is a very old sore point with me. >>

HA!! We agree on something!! I'm a Conservative Libertarian, Absolute power 
corrupts absolutely!!!! Always and forever.

<< The young pup just needs to get out of his fishbowl and 
swim around in the bigger pool.. >>


Thanks Goeff... that's the best compliment I've received in weeks!


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