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  • From: Paul Ogle <pogle@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: 10 Jan 2006 09:17:57 -0600

We were on block scheduling when I taught at Dodge City High and we had 
semester long classes.  We met everyday for about 84 min.  When we had testing 
we only had it for the first half of the day for a few days and those that 
weren't being tested didn't have to come to school until later in the day.  It 
seemed to work well.

In larger schools the scheduling isn't as much a problem, but when I taught 
block scheduling in a smaller school people had to choose between physics and 
choir, or chemistry and band.  That made it real rough at times.  That school 
had year long block schedule with classes alternating every other day.

I think I liked the semester long block classes.  AP was a year long class the 
same period all year.

Paul Ogle

On Tuesday, January 10, 2006 8:17 AM, London Reif <lreif@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>In our district we are on an alternating block schedule. We
>seem to have discussions on block scheduling at nearly all
>faculty meetings.  For those of you on a true 4x4 I wanted some
>feedback on a couple of questions that repeatedly come up:
>1) How do you deal with state assessments for those students
>who are not in a math, science, or English class for that semester? Is it a 
>2) Is there a problem with students accumulating too many
>electives? For example, do the students who are in band or
>vocal both semesters for all four years receive 8 elective
>credits (or 16 if they are in both)?
>3) How difficult is it for students who transfer into the
>district that was not on a true 4x4 or that was on a
>traditional schedule, or for those transferring out? 
>I know there is no perfect schedule, but any feedback you could
>give me would be great! Thanks.
>London Reif
>Hoisington High School

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