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This is our 9th year of Block 4 at Maize High School.  We went from a 7
period day with 50 minute classes to 4 blocks a day, each 83 minutes
long.  Every day (except Monday) we have en-cor (which stands for
enrichment and correction) which meets for 19 minutes.  We also have an
enrichment time (which is not considered "seat time") available at 7:40
each morning (we start classes at 8:05).  On Monday we have late start
to accomodate our Professional Learning Community time.
Our students take 4 classes at a time - finishing Session 1 in January.
They then take 4 new classes for session 2.  It has been great for
Chemistry.  The only issue there has been is their content retention
when taking Chem II or AP Chem.  For some students it may be 9 months
before they take the next level of chem.  However, meeting daily rather
than 3 times a week offers huge advantages I think.  Also, in a given
session, students only have 4 classes to be concerned with rather than
8.  I think it really helps them to immerse themselves in those 4
After talking to people who are on the Block 8 schedule I am so glad
that we are Block 4.  I have heard that absences are a nightmare for
Block 8 because you don't see the kids every day anyway and a couple of
absences thrown in there really creates problems.
AP is tough - but not impossible - on this schedule because the students
essentially have January - May to get prepped for the test.  
Angela Stockam
Chemistry Instructor
USD 266 Maize High School
11600 W. 45th St. N.
Maize, Kansas 67101
316.722.0441 ext. 2253


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We have never been on block, but will be switching for next year.

Any comments about how block affects regular chem or AP would be
appreciated.  Also, do you have a preferred block schedule?

ron lewis

tonganoxie high

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