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I think you will like block scheduling.  For example, you won't have a
school assembly schedule, because all of those assemblies will be held
during seminar.


Ninety-minute classes can almost be managed like a 60 minute class.  For
example, I will schedule three different 30 minute activities during a
class to keep everyone moving.  A typical class may be 30 minutes of
lecture/notes, a lab, and group work, (such a lab write up, or
worksheets).  Of course I could do the same type of scheduling with 2,
thirty minutes activities during a normal 50/55 minute class. For a
block schedule, like any class room, I set the schedule, set goals, and
move the students like a herd of cats through the maze. 


Perhaps the real difference with block scheduling is how well you can
get students to use seminar.  I'll have enough students coming in some
days that I have them scheduled every 10 minutes so I can get them
spread out and I can spend a little time with each one.  


I don't think you will have trouble adapting your material.  I have
known teachers here that swear they would leave the school if we went
back to a regular seven-period day.


M Bartholow

SM North



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We have never been on block, but will be switching for next year.

Any comments about how block affects regular chem or AP would be
appreciated.  Also, do you have a preferred block schedule?

ron lewis

tonganoxie high

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