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At Goddard High School, I have 12 old computers (actually only have 11
working currently).  These computers are 350 MHz PCs with Windows 98 on
them.  I'm mostly using older Vernier ULI interfaces and I have a few
newer LabPro interfaces.  We collect data in Physics and Chemistry using
the sensors and probes that attach to the interfaces.  I use them for pH
when we get into acid/base titrations and I use the colorimeters for
Beer's Law, reaction rates, and equilibrium.   I also use the
temperature probes for many activities and the gas pressure sensors for
the gas laws. I'm currently using the 2.x version of Logger Pro.   In
physics, we use Vernier graphical analysis 3.x for analyzing our data.
My computers are networked and have Internet access.   We also have a
department server (Windows NT 4.0) for storage of all the files the
students generate.  The server also acts as a print server for a
centralized laser printer.


Vernier has some great lab manuals for chemistry.   The Chemistry with
Computers and Advanced Chemistry with Computers titles are pretty good.
The Advanced book was, in part, created from the Flinn AP Chemistry Lab
book and was adapted for use with the technology.  It has both
technology oriented labs and non-tech labs.


I'm very big on Vernier for tech needs.  It is the most reasonable
priced equipment I've found and Christine and David Vernier are very
good at working with you to get the equipment that best suites your
needs.   There is a lot of up front cost (we purchased most of our
equipment with a technology bond that passed in our community).  The
computers I'm using are hand me downs from the Library. It took me 10
years of begging and pleading to get to this point.  I developed my
curriculum to require this equipment which helped convince the powers
above me that it would be necessary to have this stuff.   Even with
that, they only gave me the computers that nobody else wanted.


Vernier LabPro interfaces are the best for versatility.  They interface
with TI graphing calculators, Windows computers, Macs, and Palm Pilots.


I also have an overhead DLP projector hooked up to my computer for
presentations and demonstrations.  I use PowerPoint at times, though I'm
not convinced PowerPoint is that great of a tool for presentations.  I
still prefer one on one interaction with a whiteboard or chalkboard.
I couldn't do without the Vernier equipment though... best stuff I've
ever used to make labs work.


We are contracted with a cooperative for using a Blackboard site.   I
post acrobat and word versions of some of my assignments that are under
copyright that would not allow them to be posted on a regular website.
Otherwise, I have created a website of my own for students to get their
assignments from.  http://mrcline.netfirms.com
<http://mrcline.netfirms.com/>      I have found this website to be of
great use for both parents and students to keep up with assignments and
their due dates.   Blackboard requires a login and parents won't have
access to it.


Scientia non habet inimicum nisp ignorantem.


Bradley L Cline

Chemistry I, Chemistry II, Physics Instructor

Goddard High School

2500 S 199th St West

PO Box 189

Goddard, KS  67052-0189



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I'm curious about the technology that each of you has available to use
while teaching your chemistry curriculum.  For example, do you have
computers in your room for collection and graphing of data?  Do you use
TI calculators and probes?  Do you use the SMART board technology?
Thanks for sharing-


Trina Adams



Marysville High School

785 562 5386


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