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I teach at Hoisington High School.  I am fortunate to be able to use technology 
quite often.  I have 8 desktop computers with Internet capability in my 
classroom.  I use the CBL2 systems from Texas Instruments with the Vernier 
probes.  We use temperature probes, voltage probes, and pH probes.  We always 
download our data to the computer and generate our graphs in Graphical 
Analysis.  Our staff has just started talking about using the Blackboard system 
to post class assignments and deadlines online.  That way our students will 
have access to their assignments when they are absent from school.  Hope this 
answers your questions.

For my labs in physics we use the CBL2 systems and Graphical Analysis almost 

>>> tadams@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 12/2/2005 10:01 AM >>>
I'm curious about the technology that each of you has available to use while
teaching your chemistry curriculum.  For example, do you have computers in
your room for collection and graphing of data?  Do you use TI calculators
and probes?  Do you use the SMART board technology?  Thanks for sharing-


Trina Adams



Marysville High School

785 562 5386


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